Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Little of This And A Little of That

New Wholesale Line
So happy to see it going out in stores. 

Laguna Beach
Such a Beautiful Place. 

Family Time is Awesome

My Little Cliff Diver



Of course for me it takes a week or so to get used to the kids 
not being home. 
My heart is happy, they love school, but at the same time I miss the non schedule of summer. 
And I love having them home. 

 Succulents for the Teachers
Easy Peasy Gift
Thrifted tin + 3 small succulents = Happiness

So Happy To See These Smiling Faces

And Last but Not Least
A New Piece
Requested my a Customer
We love the way it turned out!

Happy Wednesday 


Creative Raisins said...

I agree, I love back to school but don't like the schedule that I have to follow. Love the new piece

Delaney said...

Love the new jewelry & the photos!