Monday, February 14, 2011


Wonderful weekend. 
Reconnected with an old friend. 
It had been over 15 years. 
And I must say, there is NOTHING like an old friend. 
Just nothing like it. 
It was wonderful. 
Tears and a hug was all we needed. 
Pure happiness for that reunion. 
Thanks facebook.

And today, Happy Valentines Day. 
We had a fun day for sure.
We celebrated the 100th day of school. 
We decorated our shirt with 100 dots
sprinkled with the fabulous Martha Stewart glitter.
Super easy. 
Daddy was off and able to help out at our school celebration.
Girls LOVED that. 
We had our tax appointment. 
Girls had piano lessons 
and dinner with grandparents by the beach. 
Too much fun!!!

And we picked our winner for our new large 
tag necklace. 


Yep, my sweetheart picked number 11 and that's you.

Loving these girls today.  


tried to take some pictures. 
but this little bird could not stay still

she cracks us up. that's for sure.

full of life.
full of love.
she told her daddy, i'm so glad you came today. i wish i could have been with you the whole time. 

and in this photo. 
you can see older sisters hands posed. 
i'm almost sure her foot is up and she is ready
to take a cute picture. 
on the other hand heres this crazy bird getting her groove on. 

love to laugh. 
love. love. love it!!!
hope you laughed today. 

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