Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rainbow Delight

love blogs. 
love being inspired.
love. love. love it.

and speaking of inspired. 
boy was i ever when i saw this
i swear i dreamt about it.
 i loved the colors. 
loved the smile i got 
when i looked at the pictures. 
sooooo, what happened because of that. 
within 2 hours i found that oh so wonderful rainbow quilt.
tickled pink that i found it. 
created birthday party invitations.
starting dreaming of all the fun creations we could make.

we are partying with colors this year. 
fun. bright. happy colors. 
thanks julie.

here is a taste of the preparations so far. 

we are all about creating this night. 
jewelry set.
and 8x10 art piece.

easy breezy to make
cut strips. glued them down. 
they aren't perfect. 
it would have been to much time to make them perfect. 
and unfortunately i don't have the patience for that. 

can't wait!!!!


DoodleBugz said...

These are super cute!! Cant believe she is turning 9, Im sure her party will be lots of fun ...

valerie said...

love the colors! can't wait to see the photos of what you created! Happy birthday to your baby!

LuLu said...

oh the colors are fabulous!!!! it's sure to be a highlight!!!