Monday, January 31, 2011

Back to Normal

We are happy to be at school today. 
We are happy to back to normal. 
Girls in school. 
I am back to work. 
And being Valentines Day is just around the corner 
I created these today. 

Sweet Vintage Inspired ID Bracelet
available here sosobella designs

and this too

in love
don't you just love it. it's simple and sweet.
and isn't it wonderful to be in love. 
there are so many things to be in love with. 
it is available here sosobella designs

i am so happy to be back. 
so happy my girls are feeling better. 
they are not 100% but they are doing better. 
i will be happy when they are their full selves. 
i hope that your home has stayed clear of the flu bug. 
it's ugly and it stays around for way too long. 

happy, healthy day to you.


sara@augustfields said...

so glad to hear you are all on the mends....we had it the week after christmas :(

i LOVE these new pieces. the id bracelet is CUTE!!

Robyn said...

Oh sweetie, I'm sorry you all were so sick, that sounds awful! I'm swooning over your new pieces. They are perfect!