Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What a great guy

my hubby is. He is get'n stuff done on his week off. Today he painted the girls room, yipee. I had bought new bedding awhile back and was so excited to get it on their beds. I love it! Thanks Kath Kidston, have I ever told you about her, oh my gosh, her goods are my favorite. Anyhow, now that there is new paint and new bedding I can't seem to put the old things back on the walls. My vision for the walls are great things created by the girls, pictures of them and whimsical fun. We'll see. I am in no hurry.
Back to getting things done, tomorrow he is painting the hallway. So cool. We were going to tackle the kitchen cabinets but with his dislike in painting and my short attention span there was no way we'd get that done.
Here are a picture of the girls new bedding.
Hope your day was great!
Oh, and we got new bedding for our room too. Can't wait to show you.

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Ginny said...

Love the bedding...tell Chris that I am doing the same thing...but, I also had to take down wallpaper...grrrr On a positive note..it is not summer and HOT and I am painting one wall RED!!! I am so excited...Hugs, Ginny