Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lets Give Something

its the beginning of a busy time for a lot of us. school is started, before we know it halloween will be here, then thanksgiving and then christmas. holy moly, time really does fly. 
so lets give something away. i recently made these for my girls and they LOVE them. lets give one to your kiddo. boy or girl. you can put there name on the tag...whatever you'd like. they will be available in brown too. 
i have a few goals for this fall. i'd love to exercise more and i'd love to get organized, notice i didn't say, i'd love to get more organized, ya thats cuz i have no organization skills what so ever :O)
whats your goals for the fall?

1 comment:

jacquie said...

I just love this spot. You are sooo stinkin clever. My goals are to become more fit. Exercise more and just feel good about me. You know 40 is just around the corner. My long term goal is to be "40 & fabulous!"