Monday, September 15, 2008

awh, its monday already

hope you had a great weekend. we had a very busy weekend. not a lot of rest which left us a little cranky and not so patient. i have to remember my little kiddos need rest and sleep, as well as mom and dad. here are some pictures of our weekend. isabella had a great outdoor jammies/movies party. it was great!
here are some things i have been working on too. what have you been working on?

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Chrissie said...

Your girls are beautiful!
I bought our bento boxes at a little Japanese store in Cypress called Marukai. It's on Walker and Ball.
They were only $1.50, but they are pretty small.
Sometimes I pack an applesauce or something else separately.
Lots of love,
Chrissie from Flipflopsandapplesauce.