Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thank You

Last night was our concert at Vacation Bible School and boy did we rock out. It was a great night that got even greater when the Biagi Family came out to say hello. Rob Biagi looks fragile as he said his bones are achy due to the medication he is on. Kathleen his wife was there along with his son Matthew and daughter Natalie. Juli was with grandma and grandpa on vacation. Natalie was as cute as ever. Someone had given her a hat, she looked darling. What a great family, what a honor it is for me to raise money for such an awesome family. We have orders coming in for the "Never Stop Praying" necklace, thank you so much. As I am writing this right now my youngest daughter is singing "Rob Biagi, I love you, you love me. Jesus I love you, you love me." She is making up her own song, pretty cute. 
Thank you again to those of you who have ordered the "Never Stop Praying" necklace. I am so excited.

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