Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Never Stop Praying

This necklace was created for the Rob Biagi family. A children's worship  team, family from Irvine, Ca. This family of 5, Rob (Dad), Kathleen (Mom), Matt 17, Juli 10 and Natalie 3 is an amazing family with an amazing story. 
We were introduced to the family at my daughters Vacation Bible School last year in Cypress, Ca. The first time I saw 500 + kids sing and dance to his music brought tears to my eyes. It was amazing. 
Natalie, their youngest daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia 9 months ago. This year we were expecting Rob Biagi and his family again to lead worship. But on the first day they made an announcement that he was not able to attend this year. We quickly assumed it was because of Natalie and hoped everything was OK. Well, Natalie wasn't the reason he was unable to attend it was because of him, Rob. A week prior to our VBS, he was diagnosed with Leukemia as well. You can read more on this wonderful family at, or at their daughters website,
You can purchase this necklace on my web site, $10.00 of every necklace sold will go to the Biagi Family. I look forward to helping this family and making hundreds of necklaces for you. 
Thank you in advance for your support. 
Kristy :O)

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