Wednesday, February 8, 2012


i am having so much fun with instagram
i am not a tweeter, don't understand it
not sure i want to 
but i am loving instagram
and with this assignment it's even more fun

i missed the first day 
but have been able to keep up with the rest
do you instagram?

here a few new pieces that we have added to 
sosobella designs

love this saying. it

new chunky baseball necklace

loved key chains
they are simple 
and a great reminder
lets give one away
heck, lets give 2 away

share with me who'd you'd give it to and be entered to win

happy day to you

and i love this photo
so i added it


Nancy said...

You know I love instagram. Love it. quick easy. fun way to share and be inspired. :)

Jenni said...

i don't tweet either, but i LOVE instagram and am on it constantly...slightly addicted and love posting the randoms!

i am @jenni_roseland if you want to see what we are up to!

Marci said...

No instagram for me yet. But I love the key chains. Love them. I would give it to my honey and let him have for a bit... then I would steal it for myself :-)

Heather said...

I love instagram. It's kinda fun. ;)

I also love the baseball necklace and key chains. They are adorable. I'd give the necklace to my mommy. She is a huuuuuge baseball fan. I'd give the keychain to my hubby. Is it too girly for that? Oh well. He'll get over it and if not, then it becomes mine. ;) Sounds like a win win to me.

LibraryGirl62 said...

My babies, of course :) They are 19 and 18 and about to leave me here in my empty nest, but they know how very loved they are :)

Lisawhite said...

Pretty necklace!Thanks for sharing!I like that!

Kristin said...

Love the necklace! I found your blog through etsy, and would love to know if you have the necklace with the initial on sale. My boyfriend plays baseball and this would be perfect to wear to games!