Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stomach Flu

holy cow
i have been hit with the stomach flu
and i am not sure which is worse
i haven't thrown up 
i just walk around feeling like i am about to
i am tired and feel like doing absolutely nothing
and to top it off my hubby is home this week
and here i lay....sit....hour after hour
such a bummer
i think i'd rather have been hit hard with it and get it over with 
then this whole lingering thing
it's about to drive me nuts

and for me, i have to post a picture with a post

 here are some photos of our christmas morning
what a wonderful morning
girls were so happy 

hope yours was fabulous too!


Heather said...

I got hit hard with the stomach flu on Sunday night and have been in bed ever since. Not fun. I feel for you and hope it just goes away soon. Sounds like it's really going around. Feel better!

Amanda Nazri said...