Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mud Run

I know, way to many pictures, 
but it was such a fun day I had to share.

My family participated in a mud run with 4 other families.
It was such a FUN day. 
In the Sun.
With good people.

the girls were so excited!

the mud run crew

waiting for their daddy's to run by

i love when i see this

there he is...

and here he comes...

crazy muddy

on the last end stretch.
little did he know, there were 5 hills to go up and down

the girls ran along side of him

poor guy was beat

now it was the kids turn

ready to go up the hills

they had a blast

daddy's got to help


Nancy said...

Good, dirty, family fun! Great times. MUST do again next year!

Jenni said...

that looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!!

i loved looking at every single picture!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

that last shot sums it all up! how fun!!

Mudrunning said...

This is enjoyable family day event and got muddy.