Friday, January 22, 2010

Let the Rain come Down

it's rained
a lot
grateful for a change in weather
worried about the homes & people who are in danger
seems to be letting up as i type
maybe a little sunshine today

hers a little randomness going on around here

honestly we have the best dogs
we have two, here is one
their sisters
they are mellow
they are big but gentle
this is what they have been doing lately
hanging out inside
where its warm and dry
and apparently sport'n a little hair accessory

brought this back
soldered, it was fun
available here

sitting by the fire
reading & creating

just playing around
thought this was cute for valentines day

been enjoying conversation with this one
she was describing a lady
i wasn't sure who she was talking about
so to give me more of a visual she said
"you know, she had a skirt on like a dog shower"

and talking about the weather, some how mother nature came up
she asked who mother nature was
i wasn't really sure how to describe her so i explained
that when God looks over us, he also looks over our weather
her response
"then i think we should call him father nature"
oh how i love that kid

and created these
"word" tags
available here
tag only

as i rap this post up
yep, it's raining again

be safe
stay warm
and snuggle up with your loved ones


KK said...

What a gorgeous dog!

Heather at All A Flutter said...

I noticed your reading Eat Pray Love. Isn't it amazing!! Life changing, really. I just loved it. Her sequel is out now and it's going to be the first book we're going to read in a book club blog I'm starting soon.

I love the descriptions your daughter gave you...what exactly is a dog shower skirt? Too funny!!

I love that listen tag and am definitely going to get myself one of those cuties.

Have a wonderful weekend, friend.

Darlene said...

That valentines necklace is adorable. I think I know what my girls may be getting for V-day this year. Adorable.

Cute doggie picture. You know I love those beasts.

Love the comment and description that Isabella gave you. Honesty and sweetness comes out of her mouth.

paige said...

your doggie looks so sweet indeed!
i love it when you share your creations,show your fab photography & include a sweet pic of you and the girlies hanging out

Gina said...

You know we love our dog around here! Yours is a BIG Cutie Pie! And love the "A" necklace. First Communion is coming up...that may be the necklace. Love it! Enjoy every drop of down time!

Kristin said...

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kanishk said...

.what exactly is a dog shower skirt? Too funny!!

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