Thursday, July 9, 2009

A WoNdErFuL success

Camp {Cre8}

creativity + independence = confidence

Wednesday was a day to finish our affirmation cards.
And to create Whimsical Jars to store them in.
The girls had the best time and the jars were out of this world wonderful.

Affirmation card. Don't cha just love it!

Nancy leading the day.

These are one of my favorite shots of the entire camp.

Whimsical jars made by the girls.

Aren't they beautiful.

It's hard to explain the week. It was so wonderful.
For example.
When one would raise their hand and ask
"Can I do it this way?"
I automatically would say back
"Who's the artist today"
And 13-15 girls would yell back in their loudest voices
"Who makes the decisions today?"
There is something about that.
They were so strong in there choices.
It was wonderful.
Thats my word to describe it.


Jill said...

It ALL does look just WONDERFUL!!! What a fun week!

Nancy said...

It was fabulous, wasn't it? Super rewarding. Great group of girls. :)

Jackie Fox said...

Girl, your creativity AMAZES me!!!! I love looking at your website just to be amazed again and again. Next time you do this camp, can I come? :) You think I am kidding, but I am not. Rylie and I will do it! Talk to you soon.

Jackie Fox

Lissa said...

that's it! I'm sending my kids to your *camp*!