Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The last 72 hours

has been quite eventful. Sophia took a spill so hard Sunday night that we ended up in ER. She was trying to jump over a sleeping bag and didn't make it. Resulting in a hematoma, another word for a ping bong ball sticking out of her forehead. Holy cow, it was crazy and scary. She is ok, thank you.
And Isabella woke up a couple nights ago, opps, I mean mornings ago, 4:00am, and was screaming, I can't turn my head. She slept wrong and has the stiffest neck ever. Took her to the doctors. They said it will take a couple days to feel better. So yesterday this was her. Heating pad, her 2 babies and I Love Lucy, all day.

On another note. SoSoBella Designs as started doing home parties. Book one and receive an extra item at 50% off, in addition to the benefits of being a hostess.


Debbie and April said...

Check out this web site for the tie dye shirts. If you have any questions I'd be happy to try and help. They are very helpful at their 1-800 #.

You will not be disappointed:)


Debbie and April said...

I read your post after I left my comment~~~hope everyone is on the mend. Never a dull moment!