Wednesday, November 12, 2008

what a great day

four days off, it was wonderful. and our first day back to school was great. we had our daisy meeting (23 girls) and we had so much fun. 1/2 of the girls stayed outside to sing and dance. remaining girls came inside with me to do our craft. we thought of the things we were thankful for, one word things. and then we wrote them on our rocks. it was so fun. and the finished project was even better. 
after our daisy meeting we headed over to paint a tile for our school wall. it was so fun to see the girls be creative and know what they wanted to paint. i sat a little uneasy knowing that if isabella made a mistake it couldn't be fixed. but she did a great job. i can't wait to see the tile when its baked and finished. 
halllie and isabella are so sweet. 

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