Tuesday, August 26, 2008

good day

i hope you all are enjoying the last week before school. we went school shopping yesterday and it was a success :O) yipee. i have a show thursday with tons of flip flops, tons of bows and a lot of jewelry. should be fun. need anything, just let me know. school hair bows or clips. gifts, there are tons of new pieces on sosobellatoo.etsy.com, just opened an etsy shop. its super fun. you'll love the whole site. 
oh, has anyone heard kid rocks new song, all summer long? holy moly, you need to hear it. its great! if you type in kid rock all summer long in your search engine,  it will take you to you tube, click it and you can hear it. its so great. we love, love, love it. 
have a great day :O)

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